Whether you are an adult student starting or returning to piano or harp lessons or a parent who wishes to give your child the gift of music, you have come to the right place.  If you have the desire to learn and to make a commitment to practice, you can learn to play the piano or harp beautifully. I believe as humans we need music in our lives. I love making music! Piano is such a practical instrument to learn as you can do so much with it and piano (and harp!) players are in great need! I love teaching piano and harp and I am dedicated to helping my students reach their musical goals.   

Location:  Chehalis, Wa.  1 mile from each RE Bennett and Walmart. 

Now accepting registrations for the Sept 2015-June  2016 school year for private and group lessons in my studio. Spaces are very limited. Register soon to guarantee your lesson time.     Email: karen@musicalnotestudio.com  There is much information here but there are more current pictures, resources, etc at www.musicalnotestudio.com Come have a look!

Lessons Offered: 

Karen's Musical Notes Studio in Chehalis, Wa offers both private and group piano and harp lessons and teaches preschool through adult students. 

  • Comprehensive instruction in technique, theory, and musicianship
  • The curriculum encompasses, rhythm, sightplaying, technique, aural skills, transposition, music appreciation, music history, composition, improvisation, performance, and ensemble playing.
  • Study of a variety of music from classical to contemporary
  • Participation in Ensembles
  • Opportunity to perform at the studio recitals
  • Yamaha Conservatory Series Grand Piano for performances, adult lessons, and for the advancing kids
  • Group performance theory classes (for school age students)
  • Participation in Lewis County Music Teacher's Play-a-thon
  • Participation in Lewis County and Washington State Music Teachers Adjudications
  • Participation in Lewis County Music Teacher's Associations Ribbon Festival
  • Incentives that encourage students to practice and achieve their musical goals
  • Subscription to musiclearningcommunity.com, a website for online music theory
  • Subscription to “Piano Explorer”
  • Dusty Strings 36-string Lever Harp.
  • Lyon and Healy 46-string Pedal Harp (100 series)
  • Extensive music library that includes music from all major time periods and styles.
  • Music software for composition and theory.
  • Piano Maestro. Musicopolis.
  • Music games and teaching aids.
  • Digital piano for practicing with headphones and use with midi-discs for ensemble work.